Friday, 22 May 2009

Intern Log 05.22.2009 Accomplished So Far

The last week was pretty productive. My supervisor was away, but I continued on with my duties. I sent her an update when she got back which summarizes well what I've done. You can see it below:

What I've Accomplished So Far:
  • I've scanned the photos of the Thank Yous from participants. Those are up on the Sound Studies Facebook page.
  • I've been linking newspaper articles to our S.E. Facebook page.
  • I also updated our Facebook picture.
  • I've been posting in our News Feed where our ship is, and promoting our summer programs there as well. Some fans commented on the location-post, so it seems to be helping people keep in touch with us.
  • When I worked on board for the Sussex school trip, I talked to Capt. Josh, and our Galley Coordinator Renae. They have some ideas that I like and want to talk to you about.
  • The blog also has been getting updated with the news articles.
  • I would like to write an article about the Sussex trip I took... Well actually, I sort of have already. See attachments.
I'm taking the course "Writing for the Mass Media," and there were a couple of assignments that I was able to tie into Sound Experience. one was a 600 word magazine article (that was done a little hasily and I'm not particularly proud of) and the other was a Newsletter. The assignment for that was to write 5 short stories, around 100 words each. I had fun with that one and maybe some of them would be appealing to you?

You mentioned a powerpoint presentation on possible advertising options. I've started on it, which is attached. It's an interactive presentation, so most of the icons you can click on to go to their respective pages. There is also a minute video for Facebook Ads. I'd like your imput though, what does it need? What else would you like?

Presentation.pptx is for powerpoint 2007. Presentation draft.ppt is a converted file for windows 97, but I don't know how well it will convert...

Marketing Plan
We'll probably have to discuss this again. I reviewed the notes I took that day, but I'm still not sure what I should do for that. If you don't mind, I'd like to go over that part again!

The list of newspapers is coming along. It's been the most time consuming, and the hardest to buckle down and do. But I've got roughly 20 papers researched (with the help of Wendy). And I'll be spending the rest of today doing that.

I'm not going to put up the attachments on here, and I don't know how to attach power point to my blog, or even if that's possible.

The trick are these final two weeks. I have to write my essay for the internship, a minimum of 10 pages while continuing my work with Sound Experience. It's going well, I hope that I earn some good grades this quarter.


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