Monday, 18 May 2009

Intern Log 05.18.2009

I wish this was written better, but due to time constraints, sickness, and pending projects, it'll have to be bullets again.

  • Attended meeting with Sound Experience Marketing committee to discuss Sound Experiences 20th annaversary party (Wed night, 6-9)
  • Volunteered aboard Adventuress for the Sussex school sail. Talked to Galley Coordinator about posting on our blog site, as well as Capt. Joshua Berger.
  • Also discussed ideas to thank local supporters, and ways to market in the restaurants that support us.
  • Created new facebook page: Sound Studies Aboard the Schooner Adventuress. Hope to post participants thank you drawings online when I get to my mothers scanner
  • Starting to compile a list of local news agencies and their contact information.
  • Sending out press releases to those papers

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