Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Intern Log 03.17.2009


My name is Zachary W. Simonson-Bond. I am a student at the University of Washington, majoring in Communication. This upcoming Spring quarter I will be an intern for Sound Experience, a Non-Profit organization dedicated to inspiring stewards for Puget Sound. This is achieved by environmental education and hands-on experience aboard the historic Schooner Adventuress. Working closely with my on-site supervisor, Elizabeth Becker, the Sound Experience Special Project Director, and guided by my faculty sponsor, Professor Crispin Thurlow, I will be enhancing my understanding of Communication through the practical application of lessons I have already learned, as well as developing my skills and understanding of Non-Profit Communication.


I have worked with Sound Experience during the summers of 2007 and 2008. During that time, I participated aboard the Adventuress as an Educator-Deckhand. My duties required me to attend to the needs of the ship, i.e. preparing the ship for a voyage, cleaning her upon return, maintenance, and repairs, as well as attending to the needs of the on-board education, i.e. preparing and presenting lessons, continuing my own personal learning, etc.

During five weeks the first summer, and six weeks the second, I attained an exciting education ranging from Puget Sound marine invertebrates, to sail-aerodynamics theory. However, I also learned about myself and my passions; it would be a lie to say I wasn't monumentally affected by my time aboard. Working on the Adventuress had a clarifying effect. When I joined, I was still grappling with different majors, but my priorities became surprisingly clear after the first summer. I realized that Communication was where my real interests lie. The ship was a treasure trove of Communication, whether we were expressing the environmental message or repeating orders of command, and I reveled in every second of it. I was also reinvigorated towards learning. My time aboard gave me new lenses to see the world by, and different things to investigate. My life gained new direction and I found a place to focus my energy: Communication.

The Internship

This internship will be different than my time spent with Sound Experience the last two summers. Whereas the previous summers were spent on board the Adventuress, this internship will be spent in the office of Sound Experience with "the Office Watch." My experience this time will be more directed to academic pursuits than the on board education or sailing.

As part of my internship, my academic requirements ask me to do a certain amount of research over the quarter that relates to my position. I was also be writing a final paper on the results of my experiences and how my research related to what I learned. Lastly, I am to keep a journal of my internship activities, hence the blog.

As for requirements on the internship side, I have spoken with Elizabeth about our goals for the quarter, but we have not yet had a formal meeting to solidify those expectations. When I know, you will know.

Fair Winds,