Friday, 3 April 2009

Intern Log 04.03.2009 - SEA-Inside, REI and People for Puget Sound

The Event
Sound Experience was invited to attend a presentation for SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest, an educational television series filmed by John F.
Williams (see right). In turn, I was invited to attend by Sound Experience's Executive Director, Catherine Collins, to represent the organization from the perspective of a crew-member and intern.

The presentation took place in the north meeting room of REI's downtown flagship-store. I got to REI an hour early, as I needed to buy a few things, but was surprised to find that I was the first person at the event. Naturally, I took some liberties and reserved the best table for our set up.

Slowly, people began to trickle in. Representatives from People for Puget Sound came first (they were hosting the event), followed by those working for affiliate organizations, and finally--closer 7:00p.m.--the audience arrived.

My Role
This was my first opportunity to engage with the public as Sound Experience's new marketing intern; excitement coursed through my body. As the night progressed, however, I soon realized how much I will have to grow as an intern to be the proverbial "best I can be."

When Catherine arrived, she had brought Kate Tanski, who is currently the second-mate aboard the schooner Adventuress. Catherine decided that Kate and I should run the booth and engage the attendees in discussion about our program. After the first bout of questions, I realized how much about the organization I have to reacquaint myself with.

During those discussions, my enthusiasm remained undamped, but I did stumble over my words and facts. My mind was oriented for the summer season: I listed summer ship-capacity, summer age-ranges, and the summer programs. That mentality completely alienated the Spring and Fall seasons. When I next meet with Elizabeth Becker, I am going to investigate and internalize as much about the organization as possible so that I do not make the same mistakes again.

There was a point during the night when each of the organizations were asked to briefly describe themselves. Catherine urged me, very eagerly, to represent Sound Experience. I quickly constructed a speech in my head, then went up to deliver.

I felt a hint of personal pride when John Williams offered me the microphone and I respectfully declined. I enjoy speaking loudly, and try to practice my projection at every opportunity. I also believe it adds to my presentations by showing my energy and enthusiasm. I was thrilled to have a woman come to me later and say: "I just had to come talk to you about this, you were so enthusiastic."

I did also feel a hint of embarrassment later that evening when I realized, when looking through the pictures I had taken, that I had sweat through my shirt a little. That is simply another lesson learned: if you bike somewhere, one spare shirt is not enough. Bring your presentation clothes, and an undershirt.

  • Helped set up booth
  • Gave brief info presentation
  • Learned about other organizations
  • Met other figures of environmental stewardship
  • Took some pictures
  • Bring undershirts
  • Take more pictures
  • Keep a notepad/pen handy always
  • Carry spare bike tire (I got a flat on the way home)
  • Know the organization's mission, programs, ports, membership offers, and everything else
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  1. Hello Zach,
    Thank you for giving your readers the opportunity to come along as you go through this interesting time. Your great writing skills make this blog a pleasure to read and allow us to experience what most people will never come close to in their real, everyday lives. I'll be clicking on "subscribe" as soon as I finish typing this.

    Best Wishes,
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  2. Yeah, Zach! Found your new blog when you left a note on mine! Lookin' good--great info. (bummer about the flat tire *sigh*) Thanks for sharing!