Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Intern Blog 04.29.2009 Internship Duties, Boats, Planes, Worms, and Fish!

Internship Duties
The last post will --after some more editing-- probably be posted on Sound Experiences new Blog page, which I'm creating.

That is just one of the many things that was settled on last Thursday, Apr 20. Elizabeth and I spent about an hour going over my goals for the internship, and ideas she had brainstormed. These are my new duties:
  • Manage/expand Facebook
  • Create the Sound Experience Blog and write weekly entries
  • Post S.E. programs on online calendars
  • Write/publish a feature article of my own
  • Document alternative marketing strategies, e.g. ads on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.
  • Create a report of Sound Experiences marketing plan (do research on marketing plans, report what we're using, what we could use)
  • Link S.E. to the American Sail Training Association's website
  • Make a Power Point presentation for the Marketing Committee/Board of Directors (of which I am a member) reporting on our progress and vision for S.E.
I have a lot to do. Currently S.E. is working on an email account for me which should be helpful when contacting other organizations; it gives me a little more legitimacy and doesn't clog my personal email account.

That will allow me to start the Blog, and do more of the online calendars. I've already posted our programs to the Seattle Times' website, and the Seattle Weekly. More to come.

After this week, which is crammed with things to do, I hope to get rolling on some of these bigger things next week (It'll also help when I have my computer back). I also need to research the 5 scholarly articles relating to my internship, and if I was really good, I'd start drafting my final paper now.

Boats, Planes, Worms and Fish!
This was a really fun event that Sound Experience co-hosted with the Port Townsend Co-op. It was an event for kids which showcased outdoor programs throughout Port Townsend. Northwest Maritime Center/Wooden Boat Foundation was there as well as the P.T. Sea Scouts, Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding, P.T. Marine Science Center, SeedSpring, P.T. Aero Museum and the Tri-Area School Garden/Compost Program. Truly, it was a celebrations of boats, planes, worms and fish.

I was supposed to be there at 10 to help with the set up, however, my ferry was delayed until noon so I didn't show up until just before the even officially started. That said, I did actually help prepare out booth by setting up the table and posters.

As the event was for kids, we had a few things to entice them with: hand stamps, making a baggy wrinkle, and I led a chantey sing. We didn't know how old the kids would be, but as it turned out, they were pretty little; the play wooden-ship with a captains wheel, and the coloring station, were the biggest hits. The lesson learned here was that our activities catered to a bit older audience.

All in all, I think the even was a success. It was incredibly fun, I got to network a bit, and it was a beautiful day with laughing children. Life is good.

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